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Brisket Beatdown

Two Texas BBQ joints compete for an investment; a self proclaimed king of BBQ and an authentic western chef.

The Steak Mistake

A steakhouse veteran and his perfect prime rib compete with an outdated owner and his oversized ego for an investment.

Westbound and Ground

Two burger dives in Los Angeles; a seven decade family legacy against a no-nonsense burger cook for an investment.

Whiners and Diners

One chef’s meltdown at the grill could force the investors to gamble on another diner’s gravy.

Tacos and Tantrums

A taco queen looks for an investment miracle and a lazy tamale man ties to fill his father’s shoes.

Sake Bombed

A drunk sushi chef offends patrons with his food while a sushi restaurant owner has a secret that threatens his business.

Diva Las Vegas

Two upscale Las Vegas restaurants battle. One owner insults the investors while the other can’t get his cook in line.

Motha Shukas

The investors take a gamble with the latest match-up when two creole restaurants go head-to-head, and though one owner is known for refusing to talk, the other lacks cleanliness.

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